Residents without a functional police station

The Alra Park Satellite Police Station in Nigel that burnt down during service delivery protests in 2019.   Two years later, this police station has still not been rebuilt.   Residents of Alra Park need to travel to the Nigel CBD to report incidents of crime. This has also led to longer response times by the South African Police Service (SAPS). The latest crime statistics for Nigel highlight that this community is in the grip of criminal elements. Common Robbery is up by 400%, while sexual offenses and murder are up by 200%. Communities cannot be left stranded and at the mercy of criminals. Why is this station not rebuilt yet and when will the community of Alra Park have a fully operational police station again?  While the burning of this police station is in no way a condonable act, residents deserve to have access to functional and reliable service delivery in the area. The Mayor of Ekurhuleni will ensure that efficient inter-governmental relations are established between all spheres of government so that communities like Alra Park are not forgotten and are afforded the right to safety and security.