The Department of Social Development has decided to extend the deadline for the closing date of the applications for the ECD-ESRF from 19 February 2021 to 26 February 2021.The Department encourages ECD services that have not yet applied for the ECD-ESRF to do so by the extended closing date of the 26 February 2021.

In addition to the GovChat application platform (https://govchat.app.) that is currently used, the department has made available another web-form to assist with larger organisation submissions which is available on the https://ecd.gov.za/ website. ECD services that have already completed their applications on the GovChat platform do not need to submit another application through the new web-form as duplicate submissions for the same ECD service may lead to administrative delays.

In addition, as a further support mechanism to ECD services in respect of completing applications, the Department in partnership with the DG-Murray Trust has made available a number of non-governmental organizations and over 2000 Harambee Youth support services that are stationed throughout in all districts to assist ECD services with the application process. The Provincial Departments of Social Development through their local offices are also available to assist ECD services throughout the country.

Any ECD service that requires such assistance can visit their local Social Development Offices. In addition, they can send an email to ecdstimulus@dgmt.co.za or contact the call centre on 0800 089 666 and support will be provided. A list of NGO coordinators are posted on the DSD website that can be accessed on www.dsd.gov.za.

For ECD services that have submitted applications on the Central Supplier Database (CSD), it is requested that these ECD services check their bank verification status to ensure that they have been successful. It is vital that the ECD services do this as the Department will not be able to process any payments for ECD services whose bank verification has not been successful.

Let us ensure that, together, we leave no ECD service behind!